The Azerbaijani Geographical Society was founded in 1939 as a branch of Geographical Society of the USSR. In 1957, its charter was approved by the I Congress of the Society and the independent Geographical Society was created. It was registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2002. During its activities the members of the Society conducted applied scientific research in geography and other fields of science close to it. They organized the teaching of geography in schools and universities. The country has been engaged in environmental protection and promotion of geographical knowledge. The presidium of the Society, its president, executive director and vice-presidents conduct activities. Mirali Qashqay, academician of ANAS, corr.member of ANAS Q.K. Gul, academician Hasah Aliyev and academician Budaq Budaqov who were outstanding scholar and public figures acted as the president of this Society.

Actually, the society unites leading geographers, ecologists and other experts in its ranks.

The Geographical society operate in most regions of the country. Its main activities are as below:

 Achieve the coordination between professionals, working in geography, ecology and scientists of adjacent branch of science.

Organize the scientific research in the country, in the field of geography, ecology, forecasting, and to prevent natural destructive processes and risks arising in their result.

Organize the environmental awareness among the population. The study of the various regions and of all areas around was organized; relevant government agencies and the public were informed.  

They organized in the republic the teaching of geography in schools and universities, the promotion of geo-environmental awareness among the public.

Study of Caspian Sea’s natural resources and promote of knowledge about it.

Organize scientific and practical conferences on different problems and study natural risks and hazards, publish scientific journals, preparation of relevant films, recognize and instill feelings of love for the motherland.


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