Unprofessional comments by some academic experts on Iran sometimes say creating channel  to transfer water from the Caspian sea to the desert (Dasht- e Kavir) ,as much for reflection , Is the largest lake in the world is declining ? There is no doubt that thirty-million year old hyrcanian forests and glacier unparalleled in the Alborz mountains, bio diversity and ecosystems in certain southern coast of the Caspian sea has created that affected the role of Caspian.
In recent years by various whispers to transfer the sea water in arid areas of Iran and the Urmia lake (which is dwindling ) to hear that once again more closed sea environmental issues between Kazakhstan ,Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan , Russia and Iran were highlighted .
Construction of channel to transfer Caspian sea water to the sea many problems for human habitations, species of plants and animals ,marine habitats and coastal economy will Caspian five coastal states.
Immigration ,severe pollution caused by harmful salts and minerals, various diseases ,birth defects baby , reduction of arable land ,the creation of salt, political and economic and social anomalies, etc, will be threats  to disrupt public order and the countries of the Caspian region faced with fundamental a challenges.
It doesn’t seem to Kazakhstan wants as well plans for transfer water of Iran sea water guide into the Aral lake or Turkmenistan  all of its territory is desert ,sea water to its agriculture use, with this interpretation will not be far from the fact that the fate of the Caspian sea, to the Aral sea was once among the two countries, Uzbekistan  and Kazakhstan ,to be incurred .
On the other hand, if the channel as the Volga-Don to connect the Caspian sea to the Persian Gulf to be affected will be the influx of invasive species of aquatic organisms that destroyed to the Caspian sea ecosystem .
With all these interpretations, the most logical solution to the passing of the great challenges of dehydration in Iran and other Caspian  coastal states with dry weather ,not to transfer Caspian sea water to and areas, rather cooperation with  Caspian  coastal states, the NGO’s, in the direction of education and culture , the use of low-water-world experience regarding the supply of water for agriculture and industry ,cloud seeding ,planting drought resistant strategically plants  and etc, it seems that it necessary to fix the problem.


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