Though Ramiz Daniz didn’t ask help of any scientist when he wrote scientific research works “Christopher Columbus, Nasiraddin Tusi and discovery of America”, “The scientist passed ahead of centuries – Nasiraddin Tusi” and “Enigmatic discovery of Brazil”, remarkable scientists – full and corresponding members of ANAS have declared their reviews and opinions about these works.
Mentioned works made scientists of geography, history and astronomy to astonish. R. Daniz has discovered new investigation objects, tried to prove that, Columbus had used the astronomic catalogue “Zij-i Ilkhani” prepared by Nasiraddin Tusi in Maraga observatory when he discovered America, noted many aspects about the discovery of Brazil and declared decisively that, the Portuguese sea traveler Duarte Pereira had discovered Brazil six years before Pedro Cabral.
Azerbaijan founds economical, cultural and political relations with other countries, integrates with the world and foreign countries are interested in science, education and culture of our country. That’s why scientific research works of R. Daniz may be interesting for scientists and ordinary readers, who learn the history of geographical discoveries. Probably he’ll be invited to scientific conferences held abroad. Because R. Daniz has found out many novelties and could deny most stereotypes.
Scientists of the world will learn that, the history of geographical discoveries is investigated in Azerbaijan too and they’ll wait for next works of Ramiz Daniz.
The scientific and practical conference devoted to 800th birth anniversary of the genius Azerbaijan scientist N. Tusi was held by the name “Scientific services of Nasiraddin Tusi and N. Tusi in the activity of the writer and researcher Ramiz Gasimov (Daniz)” with participation of scientists, educational employees and the general public in the society of “Education” in 2002. Full member of ANAS, Academician Magsud Aliyev, full member of ANAS, Academician Jalal Allahverdiyev, corresponding member of ANAS, Professor Ramiz Mammadov, corresponding member of ANAS, Professor Eybali Mehraliyev, Professor Ajdar Agayev, Doctor of pedagogical sciences Afat Bakikhanova and Ganira Amirjanova made speeches at the conference and spoke about the essence of the work.
According to the appeal of the conference’s participants, Ramiz Daniz’s proofs declaring that, Ch. Columbus had used the coordinate system and map of N. Tusi when he discovered America are especially interesting. The author has proved that, owing to Tusi, Ch. Columbus was aware of existence of America before his transatlantic travel.
“Enigmatic discovery of Brazil” may be considered continuation of the author’s work started in the field of the history of geographical discoveries and proofs listed in that work are convenient source for scientists working in the mentioned field. The author has described most historical events and important expeditions of the most popular sea travelers, mentioned personal ambitions of some sea travelers, and described division of the world between two kingdoms (Spain and Portugal) primitively by Popes, who considered principles of the church the most important factors of the world. According to the author’s investigation, Brazil was discovered in 1494 and I’m sure that, this information will attract attention of scientists.
Number of books written on this theme proves that, this problem is still urgent. Spaniards couldn’t know exactly if Portuguese had swindled them with participation of the Pope when the treaty of Tordesillas was concluded in 1494 or Brazil became in the east of the demarcation line by accident. It is interesting that, R. Daniz has elucidated this problem and tried to prove that, representatives of Portugal had swindled Spaniards by means of the Pope and appropriated Brazil by ruse.
First of all, scientists of Spain, Portugal, Brazil and other countries located on coasts of the Atlantic Ocean will declare their opinions about works of Ramiz Daniz.
                Doctor of technical sciences Nugay Aliyev
                Chairman of the administrative board of
                 the society of “Education”


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