The writer, researcher and publicist Ramiz Deniz. He has been a President grant holder since 2009 and he is a laureate of the “Golden pen” award. He is member of The Union of Azerbaijan Writers and Geography Society. He works in the Oil Refining Factory of SOCAR.
Ramiz Deniz has been studying geographical discoveries and their history for 38 years, and writing fictional and scientific works at the same time. His works have been entered in the libraries in Paris, London, New York, Prague, Madrid, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Madrid and many other cities. Total 357 books including translations have been published in Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Polish and Dutch by AV Akademikerverlag”, “Verlag Unser Wissen”, “JustFiction Edition”, “Lap Lambert publishing”, “Scholars' Press”, “Sciencia Scripts”, “Palmarium Academic Publishing”, “Our Knowledge Publishing”, “Novas Edições Acadêmicas”, «Edições Nosso Conhecimento», “Editions Notre Savoir”,  “Editions universitaires europeennes”, “Edizioni Accademiche Italiane”, “Sciencia Scripts”, “Edizioni Sapienza”, “Wydawnictwo Nasza Wiedza”, “Editorial Akademica Espanola”, “Wydawnictwo Bezkresy Wiedzy”, “Ediciones Nuestro Conocimiento”, “Qlobe Edit” publishing houses of Europe. Most of them are distributed by 14 large advertising companies in more than 50 foreign countries. Most works of the author “International science centre Maragino observatory”, “Enigmatic discovery of Brazil”, “Ambitions of Columbus and Vespucci’s ruse”, “King Manuel’s plan and discovery of Brazil”, “Admiral Piri Reis’s map”, “Transatlantic project of Columbus”, “Brazil was opened in 1494”, “Pope Alexander VI's demarcating line”, “Letters, Paolo Toscanelli maps and Columbus calculations”, “Rich financers, who defended Columbus’s project”, “Letters of Amerigo Vespucci compilation”, “The largest Academy of Sciences in the Middle Ages”, “Columbus was aware of existence of America beforehand”, “In XIII century, a famous scientist from Cordoba to Beijing”, “500 years of America's discovery”, “Christopher Columbus, Nasiraddin Tusi and discovery of America”, “Pedro Cabral and Amerigo Vespucci`s travelling to the Brazilian coast”, “The scientist passed ahead of centuries – Nasiraddin Tusi”, “The development of geometry and mathematics at the Maragha Observatory”, “Learning the secrets of Cosmos in ancient times”, “Fernand Magellan's expedition and conquerors of three oceans”, “Amerigo Vespucci, Martin Waldsemuller – secret bargain”, “Nasiraddin Tusi and development of astronomy”, attracted attention of the specialists.
Azerbaijan founds economical, cultural and political relations with other countries, integrates with the world and foreign countries are interested in science, education and culture of our country. That’s why scientific research works of Ramiz Daniz may be interesting for scientists and ordinary readers, who learn the history of geographical discoveries. Probably he’ll be invited to scientific conferences held abroad. Because Ramiz Daniz has found out many novelties and could deny most stereotypes.
Scientists of the world will learn that, the history of geographical discoveries is investigated in Azerbaijan too and they’ll wait for next works of Ramiz Daniz.
The material including rich historical facts and some facts, which aren’t noted in any scientific source, will certainly attract interest of the world’s scientists and this discovery will have special significance. Very likely, the work will be discussed in Portugal, Spain and countries of the continent of America, the discovery of Brazil will be analyzed differently and some corrections will be made in the world’s encyclopedia at the result of the objective decision.
These works may attract attention of intellectual readers of Azerbaijan and foreign countries, which are interested in scientific-literary heritage of scientists of the east and west including Nasiraddin Tusi, aren’t indifferent to mysteries of travels of Christopher Columbus and Pedro Cabral and try to be far from illusions concerning discovery of America. Works, which are rich with sensetional information, will certainly be interesting for scientists of America and Europe and will start new course in the field of geographical discoveries. This field will be analyzed differently and books of Ramiz Daniz will be guide for scientists working in this field. Because the discovery of the continent of America and Brazil is the most interesting field of the history of geographical discoveries and mentioned works will be considered convenient source for investigation of this theme.
He was winner of the international award instituted by the International Writers Union on 3 nominations ( in 2020 and Grand-Prix winner of the international award in 2021 ( He was a guest of honour at X International “Golden Pen” award ceremony held in the Chechen Republic on June 15, 2021.
His scientific articles have been published in the International Azerbaijani magazine "Irs” (3) and the scientific magazine "Geography and Natural Resources” of the Institute of Geography of ANAS (4 scientific articles), including websites of the Russian Geographical Society and the center named after Lev Gumilyov. 148 of his articles have been published on the websites of the "Geographical” Society in different languages and more than 70 articles have been published on the websites of the Scientific Development Support Public Union “AQRA”
He is the author of works as “Conquistadors depart to the New Land”, “The fatal death of conquistadors on the central Chile shores”, “Sacred mission”, “People going to heaven go to hell”, “Incitement”, “People immortalizing the mankind”, “Eternal Mir Jalal”, “Fortune and Future”, “The Truth”.
I have read some of his interesting books, which surprise readers with various scientific issues and special thoughts on analysis of those issues.
R. Deniz studies all the issues, which he describes in his books, in details. For example, if the book is about historical and geographical subject as discovery of America and Brazil, the writer won't start to write unless he learns everything about seas, oceans, names of places of that period, geographical places, physical and geographical map of the world as a real geographic specialists. Frankly, souls of the famous fantasy authors, outstanding representatives of world literature as Jules Verne, Alexandre Dumas, Rafael Sabatini, Robert Lois Stevenson, Yakov Svet and Daniel Defoe are felt while reading some of his books.
Science-fiction book of Ramiz Deniz “Destroying a superbolide” is a new step forward in the writer's activity. The success of the book includes large-scale events, abundance of confrontations with the US, Russia, China and India's secret agencies and military forces, presence of unknown devices and apparatus and diversity of fighting styles.
The book deals with the meteorite, which fell on Chelyabinsk in 2013. The celestial body was going to cause major disaster in one of the megalopolises of China. It was reported to the astronomer of Kitt Peak National Observatory, Michael Pershing by the aliens, who arrived in Arizona. Efforts of the aliens to prevent disaster amazed the American scientist. Therefore, he begun to cooperate with the aliens to neutralize the meteorite. This wasn't easy, as FBI chased the aliens. Despite this, Michael and aliens left the United States and went to the territory of Russia by UFO and changed the trajectory of the meteorite by hitting it in the sky with a special weapon. Experts in the US, Russia and China understood that the meteorite was shot down by aliens. The celestial body entering the atmosphere had to be exploded once, but it was determined that it was exploded four times.
The events starting at Kitt Peak National Observatory went on in Tri-Points, Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas (State of Nevada) and armed confrontations with the US-owned Harry Truman and Karl Vinson aircraft carriers over the Indian Ocean, Altai mountains and Chelyabinsk, Tibet mountains of China, Himalayas in Nepal and India make the story more attractive. Especially, the armed conflict between the Chinese army and aliens in the Shigadse district of China makes readers feel excitement.
Though millions of people survived the real disaster, UFO was attacked in Russia and China. Four search groups consisting of about 450 soldiers from the South-West Military Circle of China were looking for them. 22 aircrafts and helicopters, 12 drones were involved in the search group. UFO was neutralized together with its pilot Alpha after about 100 Chinese soldiers, 5 aircrafts and 4 helicopters were destroyed during two-day battle. Though the explosion, heard by the people, living in the north of India and Nepal, was recorded by the satellites of NASA, officials did their best to hide its reason. The author has skillfully described this armed conflict. It resembles a war between the inhabitants of the two worlds. 
Michael and aliens were chased in Nepal and India. UFO came to their rescue after several difficult passages and took them to the secret base in Niah National Park in Malaysia. Michael begun long-term experiments there as a scientist to be helpful to people after returning to the civilized society.
Since the work is surrounded by sharp plot, impressive and interesting details, it keeps readers under tension and inspires them. Happy ending makes readers feel relief at the end.
I believe that this work will gain large audience of readers and may be considered next success of the author. I won't be surprised if filmmakers make film based on the book. Because the events are animated in front of the reader's eyes like a film when the book is read.
                  Saadat Karimi - Researcher and lecturer, assistant
                  professor at Umeå University in Sweden.


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