29 January 2016
Dear Mirshahin bey!
Your declaration in a weekly program of 13 December “The Caspian Sea didn’t save us” has been calumny to it. That worried me. And so I decided to write you a letter.
I would like you know about it and inform people that the Caspian Sea has always saved the people around and came to their aid.
Here are some examples to confirm my thoughts. You know that hundreds of civilians have died from starvation in Azerbaijan after the Second World War. The cause was a drought in 1946-1947. There was no wheat.
In some villages formed a separate cemetery only from those people who died of starvation. However, this didn’t happen in the regions located around the Caspian Sea.
The reason, I think, is clear. While the Caspian Sea abounded in fish. Let us go back in our time with you, when the Soviet Union collapsed. Perhaps you remember well how hard financial situation of Azerbaijan citizens was. And then the Caspian Sea came to the aid saying that he saved “in its bosom” for us Azerbaijani oil and gas researves hiding them from prying eyes: “Sell them and improve their lives”. We did so to raise the level of economic and social life. In addition, the Caspian Sea is a place of rest and rehabilitation (seaside cottages, spa centers etc.) for me and for you.
Tourism, which gives income is also related to him. I can write more about its benefits.  
I hope that it is enough because you are a professional.
There is no fault of the Caspian Sea that we don’t consider it. We do not know his strength. And we don’t want to speak to those who know it.
So, the “Hydrometeorological Atlas of the Caspian Sea” that I compiled contains the possibility of high waves at precisely the time.
Who looks at him- no one! We hear only the panegyric speech. In the last transmission you have rightly presented oil workers who tried to extinguish the fire like heroes for their selfless work.  
In the first days, when passed the information in the media about this tragedy, I cried, in spite of my age. May be it is because I am a survivor of this excitement. On the platform, near the banks Andrievsky, just north of this platform, we have created the world’s first marine observatory; I was alone 28 days to conduct research. I measured the wind speed which was reaching 40 m and more; in other words, I was staring death in the face. Consolation was that “science requires sacrifice”. Imagine that during such winds platforms sways like a ship. Now imagine what oil workers felt. I can easily understand it. However, your last broadcast was very tendentious. So, look at these courageous heads. They want to extinguish the fire, even call a specialist from abroad. They don’t ask why this fire happened. You are a professional journalist, and besides, you should conduct specific searches. All foreign journalists do it. I would like to see our journalists doing the same. You could see the images received from the satellite. Be you are the best among journalists. These pictures exist and show large oil spills around the platform. This indicates the alarm state of the platform. That is, any strong wind could cause a crash.
I have to say, moreover, a forecast was given about a squally wind.
It was necessary to take preventive measures.
However, I wrote more than I expected.
May Allah grant us kindness!
Academician Ramiz Mamedov
13.12.2015. 23.00



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