Caspian seal with the scientific name pusa  caspica, valuable memento of the great ocean of Tethys that lives only in the Caspian sea

Caspian seal with the scientific name pusa  caspica, valuable memento of the great ocean of Tethys that lives only in the Caspian sea. Caspian seal  are the smallest seal in the world that are not listen. The presence of these  organisms critical to the Caspian ecosystem , As they eat aquatic disease and create balance in their population in the Caspian sea ecosystem plays an important role. Their stool is even a source of nutritious for other aquatic and destruction of ecosystem and make seriously challenged the Caspian .

Many factors are involved in the destruction of the seals that sever contamination of rivers feeding the Caspian sea is one of them so that in2008 the  International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN)red list of the Caspian seal as critically endangered under the contract.  but intense emission of pollutants, house hold, industrial and agriculture  waste in to the sea in serious need of providing a scientific and practical approach to the with drawal of the challenge that the threatened  both shores of the Caspian sea ecosystem residents, the government and citizens of five countries Caspian .

along the littoral states of the Caspian sea(Tehran convention2003) have to build institutions in seal conservation and it isn’t caused effective actions to improve the living conditions ,When Caspian environment plan(CEP) was concerned about the sharp decline Caspian seal. But other than actions of government institution measures  that can be very effective ,the creation of nongovernmental organization (NGO) seemed necessary by the citizen of Caspian basin. that seem the NGO forum in the most developed countries play the most significant rule in the country’s environment related programs . The creation of nongovernment institutions support of Caspian seals can and offering solutions in the field of accurate in formation and training necessary  to abolish harmful effect of domestic waste water, industrial and agricultural work, cleaning all rivers as water suppliers in the Caspian sea, cooperation with government agencies and the public to build refinery holding meeting , effective conferences in promoting understanding of coastal of Caspian sea from environment of this issue and encouraging them to participate in implementing related a special publication of the annual brochure on the actions taken.
According to NGO, activities listed items need of serious consideration in all activities with respect to the performance of previous years to be felt.
Of course any change in the ecosystem of the Caspian sea, irreparable damage to the lives of coastal and all the sea creatures will follow. It’s better to forget support a propagandist for the Caspian sea and mix the science and practice that Caspian seals not only belongs to the Caspian sea coastal states but for all humanity.

Researcher by  Maryam Verij Kazemi



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