The Republic of Azerbaijan is an ancient country located in the South-East of Caucasus and to the Nord-West of Iranian plateau in the zone of contact between European and Asian continents.

The geographical position of the country in terms of natural conditions, as well as the geopolitical point of view, is quite favorable. The territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan is located between 380 24' and 410 54’ north latitude and 440 46' and 500 50' east longitude. Baku is the capital city. There are 1Autonomous Republic, 66 districts, 13 urban regions, 77 cities, 257 towns, 1,719 villages, 4260 rural settlements within it. In the Republic were created 1718 municipalities.

According to the constitution, in 1995 was adopted the Democratic republic of Azerbaijan. The head of the country, president, is also elected for 5 years by popular vote. The legislative power is exercised by 125 deputies of Milli Mejlis, elected for a term of 5 years. The executive power is appointed by the president and belongs to the Government confirmed by Milli Mejlis. The Prime Minister is a head of the Government. Judicial power is exercised by the Supreme Court.

Azerbaijan Republic is bordered with Russian Federation in the north, with Republic of Georgia in the north-west, the Republic of Armenia and Turkey in the west and Islamic Republic of Iran in the south.

The coastline is washed by the waters of Caspian Sea in the east. Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, IRI are countries which border the Caspian Sea in the East.
Bordering countries    Border length
Russia 390
Georgia 480
Armenia 1007
Turkey 15
Iran 765
Caspian Sea 780
The Azerbaijan has an area of 86600 km2. The maximum width, north to south, is 390 km, the minimum width is 175 km, the maximum length, west to east, is 470 km and the minimum length is 300 km. The total number of the country population is 9356.5 people (2013); 53.1% is the urban population. Azerbaijanis (91.6%) are dominated according to the ethnic composition of the population. Russians, Lezghins, Talysh, Avar, Tatars, Udins, Kurds, Jews and people from other nations are living in the territory of the republic. The main religion prevalent over the country is Islam.

Azerbaijan is the area of plains and mountainous relief, where the altitude varies from -28 m (Caspian Coast) to 4.466 m (Bazarduzu peak). Major relief structures in the country are Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountains, the Talysh Mountains and the Kur-Araz lowland.


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